“Inspiring people to quit smoking since 2007”

Theartofquitting.com is a creative platform for still-smokers. It’s a place where you can find and share the inspiration to quit smoking. Because to keep smoking is easy, but to quit and stay that way…is an art. On this site you can submit your own quit-smoking statement. Do it to motivate yourself and to inspire others.

About the creator

On July 1st 2007 I, René,  decided to quit smoking. To motivate myself and inspire others I created this website. I submitted this first “quit smoking statement” and asked others to do the same.

For smokers

Make your last sigaret a memorable moment and mark that moment with a piece of art! Use it to commit yourself and share it with others on this site.

For None smokers

Non-Smokers are welcome to participate. Create something inspirational for others to quit.


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